Saturday, October 23, 2010

To market, to market!

My play place

Heading downtown

At the market

The waterfront is pretty. I like to watch the boats...

I feel silly in this jacket

I really want to catch a seagull

Mmmmm.  Wine bar...

Fell off my stool, and slept under the table.  Note the silly jacket...
 Mom picked me up early today, just like she promised!  We went to the market and walked along the waterfront.  I tried to hunt seagulls like I do pigeons, but they chase me!  There were so many people and wonderful smells from the restaurants - I was in vacuum mode, and was able to snarf up several available morsels from the sidewalk, much to Mom's dismay.  I had to wear a silly jacket, because no self-respecting Seattle dog is without one when it is raining outside.  I won't tell her, but I sure was happy to have it when Mom and her friends stopped at the wine bar...  It kept me warm as I rested under the table.  The wine kept Mom warm, I think... 

Anyway - I was a good dog, and slept under the table while Mom and her colleagues talked.  Then, we walked back to the hotel, and I promptly fell asleep.  Tomorrow morning, we will go to the market again to eat cheese curds before we head back across the country.  I wonder what we will see next?!?

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