Thursday, October 28, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

Today was a LONG day in the car.  Mom asked if I wanted to camp again, or just drive straight through... it doesn't take a genius to figure out my answer to that one!  Anyway, a long flat drive through eastern Colorado and Kansas, then a bit more exciting through MO, IL, KY and TN.  Mom is sorry we had to miss the world's largest ball of twine - it was too far out of the way.  I am not so sure...

Mom's drink

My drink - BORING!

Humiliating - I will not even look at the camera...
The house is just as I left it, I investigated every crevice just to make sure.  When we got in, Mom poured herself a stiff drink.  I asked for one, but just got water - Mom says I am too small for the hard stuff...  She says it is 5:00 somewhere.  I don't get it, because it is just after 5 am here.

We are both haggard from our trip.  Mom insisted I get a bath first thing.  Ugh.  Anyway, now, we are going to bed.  I am incredulous, because we just spent 18 straight hours in the car.  I slept most of the way - I can't figure out what Mom's problem is... insomnia, I guess.

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