Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So much to see!

Snake River, Idaho

Shoshone Falls, ID

Welcome to Nevada!

The salt flats in Utah

Making sure Mom is OK while she photographs the salt flats...  Notice the seatbelt.

Great Salt Lake.  Yucky drinking water.

I am exhausted.
We saw SO MANY THINGS today.  I am exhausted...  Mom picked a different way home, so that we could maximize our trip...  Unfortunately, that means we have to drive longer each day, or we are going to be late.  We started off while it was still dark this morning, and finished under a full moon.  I don't particularly like water, so I was not thrilled with the number of aquatic stops today.  Then, the one place I decide I am thirsty, I am shocked by the most salty water I have ever tasted.  Blech.  Mom kept stopping for pictures - I had to keep my eye on her, since she is traveling alone...  Tomorrow, we are going to see canyons, and then maybe go for another hike in Colorado.  Mom can see I am getting stir crazy again.  Have I said how much I hate the seatbelt?

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