Thursday, October 21, 2010

I know he saw me!

Last night, we went out for our last walk. As we reached the curb, I saw a TON of police motorcycles lining up on the street. I wondered what all of the commotion was about... Then, I saw him. The President of the United States drove by. I waved to Mr. Obama, and I know he saw me and thought I was quite a fine dog. Mom was cursing again, because she was in her PJ's without her camera. She would have liked a picture of me waving...

This morning, I was still looking for him on my way to daycare, but he was gone. I had a good time today with my friends - Mom knows, because she could check in on me intermittently on the webcam.


  1. And you KNOW POTUS said, "Was that who I thought it was? I saw the collar. I KNOW she saw me!"

  2. Sandy's friend Maggie saw Marion Barry once. We urged her to pee on his shoes, but she had more class than that. Much, much cooler to see Pres. Obama!