Thursday, October 14, 2010

it is about time I got some respect!

So, I think I could get used to this traveling thing, despite having to wear a seatbelt... What happened to the carefree days of hanging one's head out the window and enjoying the breeze?  Getting to laugh hysterically at Mom while she was trying to take a picture of a giant arch made up for it (notice, there is no arch picture attached). Too funny!

 Anyway, we are somewhere in Missouri, and rather than camping tonight (which Mom wanted to do - ugh) we are in a hotel.  Thank goodness for a late start!  The folks here love me, and I even have my own bed.  Wonder what tomorrow will bring?!?


  1. glad to see you're moving right along. and I LOVE your sense of humor!!!!! Happy travels:)

  2. Thanks Auntie T! We are having a blast!