Monday, October 18, 2010

Montana is cold!

Today, we made our way across Montana. Really beautiful countryside and stunning mountains. Right before the continental divide, there is a place that looks like Gods rock garden. The mountains are made of heaps of boulders - just amazing. Tonight, we are camping again, and I let Mom make a fire, because she said it is a "two sleeping bag night". She's right, because I'm curled up in them, too! Mom's pen won't write in her journal it is so cold - I told her she should blog. She just shook her head...


  1. Someone I know abandoned a hunting trip in Montana after his contacts (in a heater, which you had to do overnight in the early 80s) froze in his tent. He realized that was just too dang cold. My LBD is not too sure about crackling fires, either. Glad you are warming to the idea (pardon the pun.)

  2. is there a reason you're not going to a hotel??? That's a little too frugal for me!

  3. GREAT pic of the mountains! Freezing cold camping...ugh!