Wednesday, October 27, 2010

and the word for today is WHITE!!!

We watched the sun rise at Balance Rock

Delicate arch

Our walk along the Colorado River

Vail pass

Look at all the snow!
So, I managed to get into trouble first thing this morning...  I didn't wake Mom at 4 am like usual, and decided to entertain myself.  I ate the rest of the camping marshmallows (white food), and most of a gobstopper.  The gobstopper was cool, because you could roll it along the ground and pounce on it - in fact, that is what woke Mom.  The gobstopper also left great streaks (white) on the hotel carpet, which Mom had to clean up on her hands and knees.  She was not pleased, but I was full and happy.  We stalled a bit this morning at the Arches National Park, because it was snowing in Colorado...  However, once we did cross the border, we noticed that it was still snowing - great white clouds enveloped the mountains.  Mom pulled over and found a nice long hike for me, in hopes that the snow would pass.  It did not, and boy was the sky full of it.  Mom's knuckles were white while driving through it.  Her face even went white when we got stopped by an accident - we were stuck in a tunnel drilled through the mountain!  She said she was glad I was there to keep her sane - guess she forgave me for this morning...  Anyway - we stopped so Mom could collect herself at Vail pass, before the roller-coaster ride into Denver.  Mom was checking out the snow, and stepped in some kind of hole - she was buried up to her ears in the white stuff...  The folks at the rest area had a good laugh, and I guess I got the last laugh of the day, when she emerged covered in white...  Too bad we don't have a picture of THAT!


  1. Very inspirational! And what a hilarious story to boot! Stay safe Patti, and Sasha....gotta train you to take pics! would have been priceless and a mantel piece for sure!

  2. Great stuff Little Brown! Glad you're there to keep your Mom company despite the dietary indiscretions :) Beautiful pics - you do good work!!!

  3. Have a safe trip back guys!!!! Keep an eye on your Mom Little Brown :)